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Immigration Programs for the Japan

¥5,000,000 Investment Program

About the Program

Japan has a significant change to open the door and welcome the foreign investment. The foreigners are entitled to receive a Resident Permit to live and do business in Japan if they invest ¥5,000,000 into an innovative business or a business can increase the export of Japanese goods and services. After legally living in Japan for 10 years, you can apply for Japanese permanent residents and become Japanese citizen.

  • obtain resident permit around 3 months
  • only invest ¥5,000,000 to obtain the resident permit
  • no special condition and restriction

Eligibility for Applicant

  • have relevant experience
  • submit a qualified business plan
  • incorporated a company in Japan and already transfer ¥5,000,000 into the company account


Visiting Japan for company formation and to open a company bank account → Transfer money into the company account → Submit the application to Immigration Bureau of Japan Review of documentation → Get the visa result

It normally takes 1-3 months to process the application, but there might be some more queries raised during the assessment, the processing time may be longer. The application requirements and procedures are for reference only. It may be changed from time to time because of the amendment of the related laws.

* All applicants and their dependents must obtain the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction


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