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Immigration Programs for the Bulgaria

Bulgarian Investment Program

About the Program


  • It’s a program for you and your family with only one application
  • obtain your permanent residency around 6 months
  • 1 year after you become permanent resident and double your investment, you can apply for Bulgarian citizenship
  • no age limit, language, education level and working experience requirements
  • Investing in Bulgarian government bond is safe and stable
  • enjoy outstanding medical welfare and education
  • the profit tax and personal income tax rate is only 10%

Eligibility for Applicant

  • made the required investment
  • the applicant and his/her family have to go to Bulgaria Embassy to apply for Visa D
  • upon receipt of Visa D, the applicant and your family have to travel to Bulgaria for submitting the Permanent Resident application

Investment Options

Option 1: Full Amount

  • the applicant must invest at least EURO512,000 to purchase Bulgarian Government Bond, then the applicant can submit his/her application for Permanent Resident;
  • 1 year after the applicant become Permanent Resident, he/she has to further invest another EURO512,000 to purchase Bulgarian Government Bond, then he/she can apply Bulgarian Citizenship under the fast-track and special contribution program.

Option 2: Loan Arrangement

The applicant will get the loan from Bulgarian bank of EURO1,024,000 to purchase Bulgarian bond. The applicant only pay the bank interest and processing fees in advance.

Option 3: Insurance

The applicant may choose to purchase a designated Life Insurance plan and the premium (investment) is EURO1,500,000. Based on the Life Insurance as an Investment products (invested in the Bulgarian Government Bond) are also qualified for Bulgaria Immigration.


Review of documentation → Make your first installment in the investment → Prepare and submit the application for Visa D of the applicant → Obtain the applicant’s Visa D → The applicant travels to Bulgaria to submit an application for the  permanent resident → The applicant receives his/her permanent resident identity card → Prepare and submit the application for Visa D of the family members → Family members travel to Bulgaria to submit an application for the permanent resident → Family members receive their permanent resident identity cards → The applicant make the further investment after one year → The applicant and family members apply for the Bulgarian Citizenship

It normally takes 18 to 24 months to process the application, but there might be some more queries raised during the assessment, the processing time may be longer. The application requirement and procedures are for reference only. It may be changed from time to time because of the amendment of the related laws.

* All the applicants and their dependents must be able to obtain the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction and pass the medical examination

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