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Immigration Programs for Taiwan

NT$6,000,000 Investment Program

About the Program

This Program is only for Hong Kong and Macau Permanent Residents. You only invest NT$6,000,000 to set up and run a business in Taiwan. It does not have any requirement for turnover, numbers of employment created, or net profit. It is the best and easiest immigration program.

  • get your residency in about 3 months, and then live in Taiwan for one year you can apply for Taiwan Passport
  • investment requirement only NT$6 million
  • You will be covered by National Health Insurance if you live in Taiwan for 6 months
  • The cost of living and business are low

Eligibility for Applicant

  • be a Hong Kong / Macau permanent resident
  • obtain the approval from Investment Commission
  • Set up a business with TWD 6,000,000 investment capital
  • Have a Taiwanese sponsor


Review of documentation → Prepare and obtain the company registration pre-approval → Submit application to Investment Commission → Receive instruction of capital transfer → Opening temporary company bank account, apply unified number and taking Medical examination in Taiwan → Transfer money and conduct capital verification → Submit application to National Immigration Agency → Application being processed → Result of application

It normally takes 3 to 4 months to process the application, but there might be some more queries raised during the assessment, the processing time may be longer. The application requirements and procedures are for reference only. It may be changed from time to time because of the amendment of the related laws.

* All applicants and their dependents must obtain the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction and pass the medical examination

Please contact us for further details, to receive our detailed program information or make an appointment to see us!


*Please contact us for further details, to receive our detailed program information or make an appointment with us.

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