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Immigration Programs for the United States

Employment-Based Immigration Third Preference – unskilled workers (EB-3)

About the Program

This Program has a long history in the US Immigration history. In order to meet the non-skilled labour market demand, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approve for the applicants, who under the immigration category EB-3, immigrate to the United States. The objective of EB-3 is to solve the US labor shortage. Once you got the Labor Certificate which means you are almost there. You will have a job ready for you after you landed in the USA. You will have income and a Green Card immediately.

  • obtain unconditional green card first before work
  • have stable job and income
  • no Asset, No Education Background and No English Level requirement
  • to enjoy the same staff benefits as the locals

Eligibility for Applicant

  • aged 18 or above
  • be able to speak basic English
  • willing to work in the USA


Review of documentation → Submit application for Labor certificate → Obtain Labor Certificate → Submit I-140 application → Submit DS 260 to National Visa Center (NVC) → Conduct background check by the US Embassy → Notice of Interview and medical examination → Interview → Result of application

It normally takes 18 to 24 months to process the application, but there might be some more queries raised during the assessment, the processing time may be longer. The application requirements and procedures are for reference only. It may be changed from time to time because of the amendment of the related laws.

* All applicants and their dependents obtain the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction and pass the medical examination

Please contact us for further details, to receive our detailed program information or make an appointment to see us!


*Please contact us for further details, to receive our detailed program information or make an appointment with us.

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