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Anlex | Quebec province government decrease 20% of immigration quota, PNP maybe easier to apply!

CIC News, the unofficial news network in Canada, recently reported that Quebec in Quebec has passed a controversial reform bill that aims to reduce the number of immigrants by 20% this year.
The Quebec government stated that the goal of the legislation is to ensure that new immigrants in Quebec are more integrated into the community.
On the other hand, other provinces and territories in Canada plan to increase the number of new immigrants in the next three years through the Provincial Nomination Programs. In 2019, Canada has 61,000 provincial nominee candidates, while the 2020 target has risen to 67,800 and 71,300 in 2021.
Therefore, those who refuse to apply in Quebec may consider applying for a provincial nomination plan in other provinces.
Provincial nominated job vacancies in Ontario and BC
This year's PNP target for Ontario is 6,900, while the PNP target for the province is 6,500.
Those who want to immigrate to Canada through technology should be aware that Canadian skilled immigrants account for the largest share of the two parts: English and local employer sponsorship.
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(Source: CIC News)
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