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"The Choice of Immigrantion"
Recently, many Hong Kong people are planning to immigrate. The most frequently visited places are the United States, Canada, Europe and Taiwan. However, immigration is a trivial matter. It has the opportunity to be separated from family, relatives or friends, and to adapt to the new environment. Therefore, you should first understand the local culture and living habits before immigration. Taiwan, a Chinese region, is also close to Hong Kong and has been well received by Hong Kong people; the United States and Canada, the free country, the English-speaking countries popular with parents; Europe, a female shopping and carding paradise, which has to be mentioned most Germany. Speaking of Germany, many people's intuitive reactions are: punctuality, rigid, beer and sausage, but in addition, there are more differences in life and values, such as the volume of food at the restaurant, the attitude of dealing with others, education The way the child is, etc. Liu Yang, a Chinese-born designer, expressed the social differences between Germany and China in a simple and clear picture in The Story of the East and West. The following is a simple selection of the differences that ten Hong Kong people will encounter:
I. When I have a problem
A. The Germans deal directly with it; the Chinese can avoid it.

2-hang-e-problem II. Talking in the restaurant

A. Germans are soft-spoken in public (except during the game); Chinese people like to be busy.

1-restaurant III. The concept of time

A. The 12 points of the Germans are 12 points; the 12 points of the Chinese are three words before and after.



IV. Ways to treat children
A. Germans treat children equally; Chinese are usually child-centered.



V. Bath time
A. The Germans take a shower in the morning; the Chinese take a shower at night.



VI. Daily life of the elderly
A. The Germans live their lives; the Chinese are old and grandsons.



VII. At the time of the party
A. Germans form small groups; Chinese are biased towards collective activities.



VIII. Imagining each other
A. Germans' impression of Chinese: Kung Fu, tea, rice
B. Chinese impressions of the Germans: hunters, sausages, beer



IX. Treating anger
A. The Germans have a lot of dislikes; the Chinese know how to hide.



X. Choice of transportation
A. Germans are based on environmental awareness; Chinese are based on needs.





There is no difference between the east and the west, but when you immigrate to other countries, you must try to let go of the old culture to accept the local culture. Otherwise, you will only let yourself live more homesick.

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