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“A gifted person ought to learn English in 30 hours, French in 30 days and German in 30 years” – Mark Twain


Many people will therefore be scared of learning German, believing that there is no way to learn this language. But in fact, is German really difficult to learn?


First, the simple word composition such as:

Egg yolk is Eigelb = Ei (egg) + gelb (yellow)


Egg white is Eiweiß= Ei (egg) +weiß (white)


The refrigerator is Kühlschrank=Kühl (cold) + Schrank (cabinet)


... and so on, so mastering 5,000 words is actually equivalent to mastering at least 8000 words.


Second, the strange pronunciation

Many people know that there is hard vibrato in German, but few people know that being able to read German letters equals to being able to read most of the German words. For example, the word Sinologie (Chinese) is really read as: Si - no - lo - gie! German is the language of spelling together, that is, the kind that will be written when you can read it.


There are also katakana and Chinese characters in Japanese. There are also various polysyllabic words in Chinese. Do you really want to read this word in English? But in German, if you master the reading of each sound, you will definitely read it.


Third, annoying grammar

The German grammar is really difficult, but it is harder to say than to say it is meticulous. German and English are the same language, that is to say, the same ancestor, but from a linguistic point of view, English has undergone a great fusion of the colonial period, and many rules have been simplified.


For example, the verb ending, English only retains the ending of the third person singular s


And German, still everyone's name (you / me / he she / us / you / they) have their own suffix


However, do you prefer to tell you the rules and apply them yourself? Still like the rules, but there are various exceptions to the proverbs to surprise you?


Fourth, smash the fear of genus in your heart

The German word is infamous of genus to many. I felt crazy when I heard it, as if people were dividing everything in the world: men, women, not men or women.


But in fact, many Western languages ​​have yin-positive, such as French, such as Italian, such as Portuguese... Some are even more complicated than German, I don't understand why I always keep licking German... It’s just bullying honest people.


In fact, positive Yin is the definite article. What is a definite article, all said, English is a German that is completely evolutionary. There is only one definite article the, and German, there are three. There is no definite article in Chinese, yes! It’s just that you have always been used to not paying attention: a piece of paper, a lamp, a wall, a book, a dog, a cow, a horse, a horse

Have you ever seen such a "quantitative word"? You are just used to not discovering it. This is the definite article in Chinese! Compared to the setting of the Chinese day. In German, at least one-third of the probability makes you guess right.


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