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Anlex | Immigration News | 5 Main Immigration Scams

Wherever the money is, there will be scams. Hong Kong is now in a state of political turmoil. There are hundreds of institutions that handle immigration programs. Notwithstanding the majority serves with fairness, some may still take advantage on the situation.

The US EB-5 investment immigrant is a fast-track for foreigners to get green cards. In order to attract huge funds, EB-5 Agent has done a lot of Facebook advertisements, which hides the traps. Applicants must be aware of the contents which may include misleading information. If investors do not pay attention, they may not only be unable to get a green card, but also become a victim of EB-5 fraud.

Scam 1: Buying properties at higher prices

Buying a house in the United States is a relatively popular way of investment. At the same time, some will consider immigration. However, as investors are unfamiliar with the market, they don’t know much about the local property prices. Some agents will push up house prices, causing applicants to buy at a much higher price. This kind of scam is difficult to appeal. Buying property is fine, but it will not get you a green card at all.

Scam 2: Buying property to immigrate

Many Hong Kong people who buy houses overseas are driven by the political turmoil. They hope to obtain the foreign residentship after purchasing the property. Under the rendering of developers and immigration agents, many people think that this policy is equally applicable everywhere. But in fact, basically all Western developed countries, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Thailand, do not have the policy of property immigrantion.

Scam 3: Investing in countries in bad economic conditions

The place that is the easiest to immigrate is always the poorest place. Earlier, some European countries, which were hit hard by the economic crisis, pushed lower immigration policies, such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

Portugal and Spain are the threshold for fixed assets investment of 500,000 euros. It takes at least 5 years to get permanent residence and has different requirements for applicants to stay in the local area. Greece is 250,000 euros, which can be directly used for permanent residence; real estate in Spain and Portugal, after permanent residence, real estate can be resold, residence will not be canceled; but in Greece, although the threshold of 250,000 euros is relatively low, if the property is resold, investors will lose their identity.

Scam 4: Entrepreneurial immigration, Agent promises to manage entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial immigration, Agent promises to manage entrepreneurship, but the result is often that the applicant does not care. Agent can really help the applicant to start a business, to protect turnover, profits and employment? In the end, the applicant did not get the identity because he did not complete the entrepreneurial requirements, and both parties were in court.

Scam 5: Investing in overseas investment immigration

When buying a house, parents often consider going to the United States or the United Kingdom to buy a house to take care of their children's education. Schools in many countries have public and private points. Generally, only public primary and secondary schools are related to the school district. The admission of private schools has nothing to do with the school district.

Once there was a liar company claiming that if you invest 300,000 euros in real estate, you can get the identity of the permanent residence of Cyprus for two months. Soon, the investor signed the "Investment and Immigration Agency Service Contract" with the company and paid an intermediary fee of 210,000 yuan. Before preparing to take his son to live in Cyprus, the investor learned through friends and found that the property he purchased was mortgaged to the bank by the developer. The developer did not return it to the bank after receiving the purchase price but used it for other purposes.

The investor finds the Agent and asks the other party to solve the housing problem, and directly contacts the developer to request the bank waiver of the house, but the other party has delayed all delays. What is most unacceptable to investors is that the son’s permanent residency is cancelled.

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