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A frequently asked question by the Hong Kong people who have already emigrated or are planning to emigrate to other places: Can MPF be withdrawn early?


According to the current MPF law, you can choose to withdraw your accumulated benefits in one instalment or separately at the age of 65. To justify the reason of early withdrawal, applicants must provide reasons and proofs as one of the following circumstances, including early retirement, permanent departure from Hong Kong, total incapacity, terminal illness, small balance, death. As given, Hong Kong people who have already emigrated or are emigrating, are allowed to make early withdrawal based on the reason of "permanent departure from Hong Kong". They must make it clear to the authorities that they have left Hong Kong permanently and, most importantly, have no intention of returning to Hong Kong as permanent residents to work or settle in Hong Kong. At the same time, proof of permission to reside in a place other than Hong Kong, such as an immigration visa provided by the Overseas Immigration Service, must also be submitted to the trustee. In general, the trustee must provide the cumulative interests to the applicants within 30 days after receiving all required documents.


It is also important to note that applications for early receipt of MPF on the grounds of "permanent departure" can only be used once, and if the applicant wishes to return to Hong Kong to work in the future and provide MPF again, he will no longer be able to receive MPF early on this ground.


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