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Asia first! Yesterday, the Taiwan Court Justice announced in the afternoon that the current Civil Law does not allow homosexual marriage to be unconstitutional. The Legislative Yuan needs to complete the amendment and formulation within two years. If the law is not completed within the time limit, it will automatically take effect in accordance with the current marriage, which is equivalent to declaring Taiwan to become Asia. A region that guarantees homosexual marriage by law is a great news for the gay community.
Can the homosexuals be married? The issue caused controversy for many years
Last Monday, the judge made a 748th interpretation of the homosexual marriage interpretation case of the Taipei City Government and the comrades in the comrades of the comrades of the comrades, and found that the current Civil Code of the 4th chapter of the "Civil Law" is a violation of Chapter 2 of the marriage regulations. Article 22 of the Constitution guarantees the freedom of the people's marriage and the protection of the right to equality of the people of Article 7. The Ministry of Justice shall study and amend the law within two years to guarantee homosexual marriage. The Secretary-General of the court said that if the legislature fails to amend the law after the deadline, "homosexual couples can directly register to get married in the household office according to the civil law", that is, legalization of homosexual marriage by May 24, 2019.
Anit-homosexual ask Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen to resign
In addition to the supporters, more than 50 people in the anti-supplement group were outside the court yesterday. Some people even shed tears: "Tsai Ing-wen is down!" The "Next Generation Happiness Alliance" also said yesterday that it would be unacceptable and would promote the referendum and refuse to The judge arbitrarily defines the marriage and family belonging to the people.
The Secretary-General of the Presidential Office of the Taiwan Affairs Office opened the engraving in the evening and urged the administrative department to submit specific proposals to the court for consideration as soon as possible. President Tsai Ing-wen appealed to the society to understand, tolerate and respect the attitude, to face people who are different from others, and believe that there is a mature democratic mechanism. Resolve differences
Chance for homosexuals immigrate to Taiwan
With the legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan, it also means that same-sex couples can emigrate to Taiwan together. As long as the partner is a Taiwanese and can prove the authenticity of their marriage, they can be reunited to Taiwan through family reunion. Hong Kong or Macao same-sex couples who are not Taiwanese can also invest in NT$6 million to immigrate and the other half to immigrate to Taiwan to enjoy Taiwan's life.
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