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Anlex | Taiwan News | December 8th Immigrants Festival

The annual Immigration Festival will debut on December 8th! This grand event will be held in Tainan's "Chi Mei Museum". The Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior and the Tainan Municipal Government will jointly launch the "New Light Flash South Korea Happy Taiwan" Immigration Festival celebration. Welcome new immigrants from all over the world to Taiwan, the new second generation and foreign migrant workers to join in the grand event, and thank them for their contributions to Taiwan!
This immigration festival will feature a variety of exotic food, dance singing performances and handicrafts, so that the public can feel the culture of the new residents' hometown from the sense of taste, sight, hearing and touch. At the same time, the booths of the aborigines will be displayed at the deepest. The Taiwanese culture of the roots is not only to let the residents who have lived in Taiwan for many years know the culture from the inhabitants of the new inhabitants, but also to enable the new residents to better understand the local customs of Taiwan! In addition to booths and performances, there are also booths and chapters, and you will be taken home with rich prizes and limited gifts!
At present, the number of new residents in Taiwan has exceeded 550,000. Together with the new second generation and international migration, the total number is more than one million. They are the biggest force for Taiwan to integrate into multiculturalism, social stability, and economic development. In the 100th year of the Republic of China (AD 2011), Taiwan also included the International Immigration Festival as part of the Taiwan Festival. Whether it is a new resident, a resident or an aboriginal, everyone is working hard in Taiwan's well-being because they have become part of the big family of Taiwan.

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