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Britain is a country of etiquette and order, and the British are known for being conservative and humorous, and you can feel it as soon as you set foot on British soil.Whether it's the people on the right-hand side of the escalator, or the long queues at the morning bus stop, the British are polite.Hong Kong also retains some British tradition after British rule, today to analyze the British daily life of the common etiquette and habits.

"Thank you"

Britons have been paying special attention to saying"Please"and"thank you" since early childhood,with young parents giving their children a piece of sugar that begins with"please"and ends with"Thank you."This is the way it is between parents and children, and between couples, so in the British family, there are always those"kind words"that are spoken all the time, and the family members are the same, and even more so in other places."Thank you" should be the most spoken word in English.


"I'm sorry" is also the English say more words, always feel the English all day long in " sorry."If you hit someone on the road, normally you would say"sorry" to the person who was hit, but in the UK you would find the person who was hit also say"sorry"to you, as if it was the other person's fault.In this case, do not think it is someone else's fault, it is only the British comity habit.


British dining is more ceremonial.They never open their mouths when they dine, because it is rude to let others see the food in their mouths.Britons don't like to sound when chewing,and if they need to talk at meal time, they usually only put small amounts of food into their mouths at a time, alternating between eating and talking.
In the UK, there is a lot to learn about dining in restaurants.When you arrive at the restaurant, do not find yourself directly in the dining room space to sit, but to stand in front of the restaurant and wait for the waiter will take you to the vacancy.When ordering, the waiter will usually leave the menu to you, until you close the menu after ordering, the waiter will not come to continue the service.If you've been watching the menu fail, the waiter may not have been coming over to leave you plenty of time to think about it, so don't assume this is the case with the restaurant's service not in place.

Guest Courtesy

If you are invited to visit the British family, consider the following.When, for example, should I go to the owner's House?If it were not a business, but a social gathering, it would be impolite to arrive early, for the hostess is preparing,and she is not quite ready for you to arrive, and it would be very embarrassing for her, at the best of ten minutes, and half an hour too late, to apologize to the host; when should she leave?This is not a rule, but it is also very rude to sit in the master's house too late;if you just invite you to dinner and chat, then you'd better leave between 10: 00 and 11: 00 or say goodbye for an hour after dinner.



Tea culture

Drink tea, is a common hobby of the British people, almost can be called the British national drink, the British people love to cook tea, put one or two pieces of sugar and a little cold milk.Remember not to use the Hong Kong standard to measure the British tea habit!



The British have a strong sense of time.Be on time for a scheduled appointment. it's rude to be late without a reason.


Less bargaining

The British do not like to bargain, consider it a disgrace, even if you are buying a valuable piece of art or a large number of goods.The British rarely haggle and walk away if they think the price of an item is right.


Personal questions

In addition to being more conservative with strangers, Britons are far too fond of talking about men's wages and women's ages, and even how much their furniture is worth.


The British thought 13 was unlucky.

Especially the 13th and Friday encounter is more taboo, this time, many people prefer to stay at home and not go out.They do not taboo four cross handshake, but also taboo cigarette even three, a match lit the second cigarette should be extinguished, then the second match point third person's smoke is not rude.Talk to the British, sit and talk to avoid the legs too open, but can not tilt the legs; if standing talk can not put his hand into the pocket.

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