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Anlex | Foreign Investor Immigration Stampede Expected As U.S. EB5 Investment Requirements Rise

About 10,000 visas are issued annually to applicants and their families who have passed EB-5 investment immigration. They only need to invest $500,000 for a minimum or no interest rate for about five years. The purpose of the program is to attract foreign countries. Invest and create jobs in the United States. However, the US government is about to release a new regulation on the EB-5 investor immigration program.

EB-5 will raise investment threshold

These new investment requirements are expected to change radically as new regulations are now emerging through US regulators. Although the new amount is unclear, it has $1.35 million and $1.8 million in investment requirements when the new regulations are introduced. Even if the actual amount required is likely to decrease, the investor community will need to adjust for a while. Investors’ stampede events are expected to be qualified under the old standards.

In short, in the short term, foreign investors can still obtain immigration status under the EB5 program by investing only $500,000.