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Anlex | Hong Kong Professional Immigration Consultant | US EB-3 Professional Immigration | Everyone can immigrate as long as you have a heartbeat

As long as you are willing to work, you can immigrate to the United States!

Nowadays, Hong Kong's hottest immigration plan has the lowest immigration threshold.

As long as you have heartbeat, everyone can immigrate. A new round of work has been released. The number of places is limited. Welcome for making enquiry!

1) Directly obtain permanent residency status (green card)

2) Immediately got a job and income when you arrive in the United States

3) Guaranteed by a government-approved qualified employer

4) No assets, no education, no English requirements

5) Enjoy the same medical and educational benefits as locals

6) Age 18 or above (suitable for student application)

EB-3 Professional Immigration Profile:

The US Green Card is a big disassembly:

[Settlement Service]

Free settlement services include transportation issues, looking for schools for children, assisting in applying for various types of documents, opening bank accounts, finding places to live, etc.

[Latest work type]

A new round of work has been released, keeping up with the latest trends of EB-3. For details, please call us!

[Anlex's characteristics]

Anlex Immigration has more than 25 years of immigration experience, and has helped countless people apply for EB-3 in the US, with reliable reputation and credibility!

Enquiries : (+852) 2522 9222 / (+852) 9888 0751 (WhatsApp)



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