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Half a million Hong Kong dollars to immigrate to the UK?  Hong Kong Economic Daily  Interview

The British culture is close to Hong Kong and is one of the English-speaking countries, so the United Kingdom has always been the first choice for many Hong Kong people. But the high door of British immigrants has put many people on their toes. However, the UK introduced an innovator visa this year, with a total investment  of about HK$500,000 to start a business and a permanent residence in as soon as three years.  


Innovator Visa Application Door Low


Luo Liguang, founder of Immigration, said that the Innovator Visa was only introduced this year and that only the accreditation body needed to send a letter of approval and have a great opportunity to move to the UK. Applicants can apply for this visa, whether they are an executive or do business on their own. Moreover, the scheme will cost only  50,000 pounds (about HK$500,000) and is small, as can many middle-class Hong Kong people. He added: "The problem is that the business plan is attractive enough for AIs to approve." Any type of business can be applied for, they mainly look at the feasibility of the scheme, whether there is a related economy, potential development capacity. At present, the success rate of this visa is very high, so far the case has been successful.  "




Approval completed within 6 months


Innovator visa applicants have a varied business, including catering, property management, ceramics-related business, as well as network development business, online games, blockchain and so on. "To repackage the traditional industry in an innovative way is the problem, " Mr Luo said bluntly. Each week, the company will help to create five to six business plans, which will be drawn up according to the applicant's background and strengths, so that the applicant meets the visa requirements. The plan will be done on the ground, and it will not go out of the way. Innovator visa approval time is fast, the end of the year makes 6 months. The time has been significantly reduced as the UK refers parts of the approval proposal to a professional agency.  "


However, it is worth noting that it will take three to five years for the business to operate in order to live permanently. This visa is available for permanent residence as soon as 3 years, so it attracts a lot of applicants. Although many applicants worry, it is difficult to come up with creative start-up plans. Mr Luo said,"Fifty thousand pounds is not necessarily your own, you can invest yourself in your own business." Applicants can choose to invest in innovative businesses that have been in business for some time, which is a more flexible project.  "


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