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Anlex | Seminar | Canada Business Immigration Seminar (Full)

It’s the best timing to immigrate to Toronto! The minimum investment amount deducted to C$200,000

Canada is the second large country in the world. However, the population just 37 million people. To boost the economy and refill the empty of employment. Ahmed Hussen – the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, points out that in the future 3 years they target to lead 1 million new comer to immigrate to Canada. For this reason, the coming 3 years is the best time to immigrate to Canada. In fact, the government of Canada keep recruiting qualified immigrants. At the same time, the immigration law is becoming more “friendly”. Especially in Entrepreneur Stream, they think that can really improve the economy. So, the Ontario Province deducted their minimum investment requirement to C$200,000 from C$400,000. If you meet the related requirements, you can immigrate to Toronto!

What if I do not have enough capital or do not have enough business experience?

No worries! Come and listen our seminar, the expert of immigration – Andrew Lo who has over than 30 years experience on immigration service will share the most useful information to you!



Topic:Anlex Canada Business Immigration Seminar

Date:5th November, 2019 (Tuesday)

Time:7:00pm – 8:30pm

Location:Tsim Sha Tsui (Details will be shown after you enrolled, we will also send you an email to confirm automatically)


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